Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instagram Dump - Leap Day edition - 2/29/12

Shotgun. Ink.

Today. Layouts. Last night. . Today. Next. Today McClane Only 4 of us this year, so a lot of leftovers. Fortune. It's a high fidelity night. .@jetpens order! Sketching. Sketching mutants. Cc: @steveniles Sketching. For Trish Rabbitt Mo sketching Sketching Quick warm-up sketch Sketching. Sketching, more Got asked to review a Palomino Blackwing 602. Looking forward to trying it out. Setting up pages. Fucking mess. Sigh. Picked up some cheap used DVDs. Awesome Bday gift from @andeparks Thumbs Thumbs more. In progress. Scrap paper girl 37 full image at Weird having glasses again after so many years without. Looking. Sketches. Sketchessss Scrap paper girl 38 full image on Cropped. 3 Empty. Air drying the wardrobe. Working at hopeless' \m/