Monday, June 7, 2010

Heroes Con Photo Round Up

Heroes Con

Heroes Con Photos

Had a great weekend in Charlotte at Heroes Con. Much love and thanks to everyone I met and hung out with the whole weekend. Shelton and Dustin put on an amazing show and everyone should have the chance to make it out there at least once to see how a real convention does it.

Some amazing opportunities coming up because of this weekend and I met some great new people as well.

Good times, kiddies.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off To Heroes...

Made a wacky last minute decision to rock the fuck out of KC for the weekend and demolish the little township of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Heroes Con is a helluva fun show and I missed last year and was planning on missing this year, but felt the show's call.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ILYA Commission

ILYA Commission, originally uploaded by kevin mellon.

Ilya © Hopeless/Mellon
Character from one of our upcoming projects, "The Hammer Club"


2008 Sketchbook

Found this on the hard drive, figured i'd post it up.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Desk Shot 349

Desk Shot 349, originally uploaded by kevin mellon.

On the right is the script (by B. Clay Moore), where I do little breakdowns of each shot next to the panel description. Sometimes one shot gets it, sometimes I do 3-4 variations. Then I pick the ones that serve the story and pacing best and make a final layout in the custom made layout book on the left.

I was doing all this digitally for this book (Bombhead) but I've gone back to doing it on paper. I felt like I was losing something by doing it digitally, which is stupid, but I tend to go with my gut on these things, so I switched back.


Artistic Stuff.

"I always feel like I'm doing shit wrong. I visit other artist's studios and they have all this...stuff. I just have a board, a light, paper, pencil, and pens. I don't know what they use all that other shit for." - David Lapham

Political Fiction

"I'm trying to say I've invented this world that I think is really cool and I have these really big stories to tell in it and one of the ways that I find to make that interesting is to think about it politically. If you want to do that too, that's fantastic. But if not, isn't this a cool monster?" - China MiƩville