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Really not a fan of how Blogger saturates the fuck out of images these days. Don't recall this happening in the past, or maybe I'm just more attuned to color nowadays I'm noticing it more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wacom / Sketchbook Pro 7

Wacom was kind enough to ask me to demo some new features in Autodesk's (just released) Sketchbook Pro 7.

You can check out all of the videos I did with the new features on their blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


...for the lack of updates here.

I've mostly been posting to tumblr and twitter.

I need to decide if I'm going to maintain my presence here, but until I do, I'll try to update more regularly.

Here's some sketches. All done in Manga Studio EX 5

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ugh. Not sure why blogger decided to make the colors on that image so saturated. Yeesh.

Suicide Sisters 3 print and digital options

Okay, so I'm trying a few things out as far as selling these books go.

So far I've been using BigCartel and that's because it takes paypal, but it's pricing and product limitations make that the only real winning feature.

So I've set up a Gumroad store, and while it doesn't take PayPal, it's options for products and the ability to sell a physical item with a digital one together are far better than BigCartel.

Also, if you like CBZ files, use the Gumroad Suicide Sisters digital links. That's the only way I'm making those available right now.

That said, here's how it goes.

Suicide Sisters 1 print book + pdf
Suicide Sisters 1 Digital cbz+ pdf
Suicide Sisters 2 print book + pdf
Suicide Sisters 2 Digital cbz+ pdf
Suicide Sisters 3 print book + pdf
Suicide Sisters 3 Digital cbz+ pdf
BIG CARTEL LINKS: (Credit Card OR PayPal)
Suicide Sisters 1 print book
Suicide Sisters 1 Digital pdf
Suicide Sisters 2 print book
Suicide Sisters 2 Digital pdf
Suicide Sisters 3 print book
Suicide Sisters 3 Digital pdf
I'll either edit this post as I figure out better ways to do all that, or maybe just update with new posts as I streamline things. As it stands I'm going to use both sites, but this is going to be a digital thunderdome to see which one is left a bloody mess of 1's and 0's.

Anyways. This book represents way too long a time period in my life and I'm glad to finally have it all out for people to read.

If you like it, spread the word. If you don't, c'est las vie. Find something you do like and talk about that instead.

(Also, sorry it's been so long since I've posted here. Been using Tumblr a lot more).

- KM

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Penny and Brain

Done for a collection some co-workers are putting together.

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American Muscle Art SALE

Steve Niles had some terrible flood damage happen to his house this last weekend and to help him out, I've put all of my AMERICAN MUSCLE art on sale, proceeds going to Steve and his wife Monica.

Please check it out and think about helping. Steve has been a great friend and collaborator, and a great help to so many others in their times of need.